Preparing for the Dedication Ceremony

OCTOBER 08, 2012​

A meeting was held for preliminary discussion on the ceremony. In attendance were Barbara Saito, Maya Goehring-Harris, Asa Hanamoto, Mas Riusaki, and Kaz Abey. We discussed Springer Gateway Plaza (directly across Crescent Drive from the CTP) as a possible location. Based on interest, a request was made for 120 chairs and a P.A. system provided by UC Berkeley. We discussed Vice Chancellor Denton and Norman Mineta as a keynote speaker and obtaining the services of a newscaster as Master of Ceremonies for this grand occasion. The entertainment would be provided by Koto Music by Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto, and we agreed the UC student body should be involved. An invitation would be made to Raijin Taiko Drum Group. The written program would be completed by Fukutomi Design. Banners would be attached to light standards by the CTP throughout the campus to help promote the event. Guests will park at the UC garages and on Crescent Drive. The University would provide coffee, tea, cookies, or whatever the CTP desired. The University also would cover the cost of the dedication ceremony. We also enlarged our dedication committee to include Sara Ishikawa, Jesse Ante, and a UC student. Lastly, we would unveil the plaque.

JANUARY 08, 2013

The committee met with Maya. In attendance, Barbara Saito, Asa Hanamoto, Sara Ishikawa, and Kaz Abey. Chancellor Birgeneau was proposed as one of our speakers. Erica Kato from KRON 4 was made as a suggestion for MC. The University designed and printed written programs. Since we believed student participation was important, we agreed that students of Japanese ancestry be contacted to act as "ambassadors." In the event of rain, the University would erect tents over seating areas. To help promote the event, Maya would contact the Daily Cal and a contact person for the California Magazine.

FEBRUARY 07, 2013

The committee met with Maya. In attendance were Barbara Saito, Asa Hanamoto, Sara Ishikawa, Kaz Abey, and Jim Horner. Chancellor Birgenequ was unable to participate due to his schedule and retirement. Norman Mineta was still not confirmed and Doris Matsui was mentioned as another option. We were pleased that Erica Kato of KRON 4 confirmed and was excited to participate and an initial personal meeting was suggested. The artwork was presented and invitations were ready for printing and mailing. The written program was still in the works and student participation needed confirmation. Eight banners were to be installed on February 27, 2013, and we discussed the cost of the artwork presented. To help in our continued efforts to promote the event, two meetings with Martin Snapp who was assigned to write an article for the California Magazine, was held at Genki Japanese Restaurant. He was given written and verbal background of the CTP.

Jim Horner mentioned that a history of the project should be given and the committee should contact possible participants. He also mentioned that the plaque has been fabricated and ready for mounting on the stone. Our next meeting scheduled for March 2013 was to finalize the program.