Though the concept for this project is nearly two decades old, it has been only about two years whereby funds had to be raised, cherry trees had to be planted and the project formally dedicated. It was an idea of a few especially older Nisei generation of Japanese Americans.

As we reflected back to the Issei generation of Japanese Americans, we are in awe of how they were able to immigrate to a new world with very little money or English language ability, and yet succeeded and contended with the obstacles of a major economic depression and a world war. One of the main objectives of our ancestors was to insure that we all received a good education. Through this education, this generation of gardeners and houseboys became landowner farmers, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, teachers, and members of the Armed Forces. They all contributed not only to their own well-being but to the community and society as a whole.

While a dream of many, it was a task of a handful of professionals to complete this project. We now join our hands with theirs to applaud their efforts.